Clause and operations


Clauses are mainly used for with VectorDict.find

Clauses for common search on tree

vector_dict.Clause.anything = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39ead10>

matches anything

vector_dict.Clause.find_re = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39eaa50>

Find if something match a regular expression

vector_dict.Clause.has_tree = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39eacd0>

Check if value has the subtree included in it

vector_dict.Clause.has_type = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39eab10>

Check if value has type _type

vector_dict.Clause.is_container = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39eaa90>

to know if something can contain more than one value (list , iterator, ...)


check if value is a function

vector_dict.Clause.is_leaf = <vector_dict.Clause.Clause object at 0x39eaad0>

is_leaf if value is not instance of dict


Operation are mainly used for with and find and Sparse Matrix

misc function that can be used on tree or leaf just for convenience

identity :
return itself
copy :
return a copy of a value
mul(by) :
return a function that multiples by a value
cast(type) :
cast the element in given type

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